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BMW Pixel Repair

Benefit from Expert BMW Pixel Repair Services

BMW pixel repair can bring new life back into tired instrument clusters and Multi-Information Displays (MID). Over time cars can develop pixel problems in digital displays and this can not only ruin the look of the interior but can also make it difficult for you to read important information such as mileage or fuel consumption.

BMW Pixel Repair

Some BMW models are more susceptible to pixel damage than others.

  • In particular the BMW E38, E39 and X5 are known for developing faded or missing pixels on the MID or instrument cluster.
  • You could get a complete replacement unit. However these parts are expensive and the labour costs can also add up.
  • Replacing the entire instrument cluster could end up costing you well over £800.
  • A much more cost effective option is to get your existing instrument cluster repaired.
  • There are a number of E39 pixel repair services available that could save you a lot of money.
  • This type of repair service can cost from just £100 and takes much less time than a full replacement.
  • Mileage Correction Services can provide professional E38, E39 and X5 pixel repair. This leading service can also provide full odometer repairs to ensure your car is reading the correct mileage at all times.

Why Choose Professional Repair Services?

You could try and repair your damaged instrument cluster or MID yourself. The parts are available to order from various suppliers. However if you do not have any experience repairing delicate car instruments you could make matters even worse.

BMW units are fragile and it requires good electronic component skills and specialist equipment to fix them properly. It is far too easy to break units as you are attempting E38 or E39 pixel repair so it is best to leave this to the professionals.

You can get expert E38, E39 and X5 pixel repair carried out by Mileage Correction Services. Call now to find out how this fast, affordable and effective BMW pixel repair service can benefit you.

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