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Transform Your Car with Professional Instrument Cluster Repair Services

Professional instrument cluster repair services can help you with dash read-out issues. There are a number of problems that can affect the instrument cluster on a wide range of vehicles.

It is important to repair instrument cluster parts if they go wrong. Failure in the cluster display could not only spoil the look and feel of your car but it could also be potential dangerous. It could prevent you from reading important safety information provided by the instrument cluster such as service warning lights.

Mileage Correction Services can provide you with fast and effective instrument cluster repair services.

Repair Instrument Clusters

In modern cars instrument clusters are very important. They can display a wide range of important information for the car in both mechanical and digital display. This can include:

  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Mileage
  • Engine Warning Lights
  • Service Warning Lights
  • Seat Belt Warning Lights
  • Hazard Warning Lights
  • Fuel Level

Typically instrument clusters have green/red numbers displayed against a black background. Some cars such as the Honda Civic have white numbers against a blue screen. All screens are backlit so that they can be seen easily in the dark whilst driving. Many car models offer dimmer switches so that the backlit panel can be manually adjusted. You may also find some of the latest models offer ‘heads up’ displays which offer a digital readout on the windshield glass to augment standard instrument clusters.

Instrument clusters provide essential information whilst you are driving so it is important they are kept in top condition. Mileage Correction Services can correct faults that can occur and provide professional cluster repair services for most makes and models.

Why do Instrument Clusters Fail?

There are a number of reasons why you may need cluster repair services. Instrument clusters can fail over time and as they provide you with important data such as mileage and engine warning lights this will need to be fixed quickly. You may need dash repair services in the following circumstances:

  • Battery has failed and caused odometer to reset
  • Dash has been damaged in a collision
  • Digital display has been affected by extreme temperatures
  • Digital display has been affected by water entering the car
  • A new engine has been fitted to the car
  • Battery jump start has caused the mileage to be incorrectly reset
  • An electrical fault has developed affecting the dash
  • A replacement odometer has been fitted and needs to be adjusted to the correct mileage

Mileage Correction Services can repair instrument cluster parts and also copy data from your old odometer. This will ensure your dash is fully repaired and showing the correct mileage. Call now to find out how Mileage Correction Services could help you with dash repair on your car.

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