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We will only offer our service to correct mileage or speedometer repairs, this can easily happen by jump starting the car, removing the battery, or one of many other reasons.

Our Digital Mileage Correction Services must be used with the intention, that they are for legitimate reasons. By accepting our service the customer acknowledges this to be true. You must note that if a customer sells the vehicle on to someone else then it is the seller’s duty to inform the new buyer of these changes.

We comply fully with all the laws regarding odometer reset and it is not an offence in this country to change the odometer on your own personal vehicle or to correct a false reading, it is an offence to sell the vehicle knowing that the reading shown is lower than that of the actual reading. If the vehicle’s mileage cannot be guaranteed you must display a disclaimer on the odometer the same size or larger than the odometer itself.

Terms & Conditions

This service is to be used at the sole risk if the customer, we will not be held responsible should problems arise after leaving our premises.

We will not be held responsible for any illegal misuse of this service. We repair digital mileage when it has been corrupted for any of the following reasons.

Dash replacements, new or second hand. The vehicle has been converted from km/h to mp/h and has an incorrect odometer reading The vehicle memory module has been corrupted (e.g. jump starting, changing battery, accidental, vandal damage etc)

If you alter the mileage you should tell the next owner of the vehicle there has been a change in mileage.

Statement from Trading Standards:

If an odometer reading is found to be incorrect an offence may have been committed under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 if the vehicle was supplied to you or offered for supply to you in the course of a trade or business.

If a private individual sells you a clocked motor vehicle then an offence may have been committed under the Theft Act 1968. A breach of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 is not a breach of contract. Should the trader involved be successfully prosecuted the courts may award you some compensation, that being the difference in value
between the true and false mileages. You will find it very rare for the courts to order complete reinstitution.

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Mileage Correction Services in The North Of England.

We specialise in digital odometer adjustment, Service Resets and vehicle diagnostics on almost all vehicles including motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

We are 1st choice in Manchester, Leeds, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and The North East of England.

We Offer a fully mobile professional service. All mileage memories will be corrected

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