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Get Your Driving Fleet on the Right Track


Get Your Driving Fleet on the Right Track

Drivers in haulage companies used to complain about the Big Brother aspects of vehicle tracking systems, but they’ve mostly come around to the idea now that they can see the benefits to both themselves and the business that they work for. But just what are these benefits?
• We all know that the customer is always right, yes? Except for those times when he’s not, or is actively lying to gain a discount or a refund. Business tracking systems can prove beyond doubt that the driver dropped off the package at the right time, so your staff will appreciate this irrefutable back up.
• If a driver gets lost, he or she can be pinpointed and directed out of the maze, saving time, energy and of course money.
• Vehicle tracking systems encourage drivers to stay within speed limits, which in turn translates into around 20 per cent off your monthly fuel bill. It also means that your drivers don’t get ticketed, or even banned, which helps with your insurance costs. Over time you’ll also notice maintenance costs falling, so a GPS system is a long-term investment. Concepts Online, providers of vehicle tracking software, can advise you on the best sort of tracking system for your business.
• Time sheets will suddenly become much more accurate. You can look at the stop-start reports and compare them to the drivers’ own time sheets. It’s possible that you could save a few thousand pounds a year on each driver.
• You can look at the time spent on each drop, or sales call. A service manager knows what the optimum time for each call should be, and so if someone is taking too long, or not long enough, this can be corrected. Wasted time is just that – dead time that could be used to see another potential client. Over time you’ll get more sales, more appointments and more profit.
• Customers appreciate the fact that your drivers are tracked. They have lives and jobs too and a vague “there sometime between 8.00am and 6.00pm” promise is simply no good. Customers want at least a two-hour window for deliveries, and if you can promise that, or a more accurate ETA, you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition.
• When it comes to your insurance policy, make sure your provider knows that you’re using a business tracking system and your drivers are slower, more careful and driving fewer miles each day. Your insurance company should give you a discount of at least 30 per cent! If not, find another one that will.
• Business vehicle tracking systems can help to prevent moonlighting, or discourage drivers from making unnecessary stops during the time they’re working for you. Some stops and delays are unavoidable, of course, but if you know when and where they’re happening, you have more control. Overall, by installing a vehicle tracking system you’ll be saving money on fuel, staff hours, maintenance costs, repairs and refunds. Give Concepts Online a call and find out how you can increase your bottom line.

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