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Mercedes Pixel Repair

Bring Your Car Back to Pristine Condition with Mercedes Pixel Repair Services

Mercedes pixel repair services can save you a lot of money. If you have dead pixels on your instrument and radio displays this can not only spoil the look of your luxury car but can also make it difficult for you to read the information you need from your instrument panels.

Mileage Correction Services can provide professional Mercedes pixel repair. This will fix any dead pixels on your displays and ensure your Mercedes is returned to pristine condition.

Mercedes Pixel Repair Services

Display unit pixels can loss their capacity to process colour output. This can happen over time or as a result from exterior damage. This means your instrument and radio displays can develop black spots where failed pixels are no longer producing the right colour output.

  • E Class and C Class pixel repair is widely available. This is because Mercedes commonly use LCD displays that can develop faults.
  • LCD screens offer clear instrument displays but are very sensitive and can be easily damaged by pressure from touching and handling and also extreme temperatures.
  • Even brand new models may require C Class or E Class pixel repair as minute dust particles can enter the display screens during manufacturing and cause deal pixels.
  • Also handling during shipping and installation can damage these delicate LCD screens.
  • Your display instruments may be covered by your warrantee if it is still valid.
  • You do need to check through your warrantee paperwork carefully as this could cut the costs of C Class or E Class pixel repair for you.
  • If you are not covered then there are still plenty of affordable expert pixel repair services available.

You can get your instrument and radio displays fixed by Mileage Correction Services. These C Class and E Class pixel repair services cost just a fraction of replacing the whole unit. This can offer you an easy and cost effective way to bring your car back to top condition.

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